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Dr. Michel “Mike” Johnson

Michel J Johnson is an assistant professor at the Université de Moncton’s École de kinésiologie et de récréologie, and the director of the university’s Institut de leadership.

Dr. Johnson completed his Master’s in skeletal muscle physiology at the Université Laval, and his PhD in Neurovascular physiology at the University of Western Ontario. He comes to the Université de Moncton after having held faculty positions at Lakehead University and Nipissing University in Ontario. Michel is also the co-author of the internationally sold textbook The Physiology of Exercise and Healthy Aging. .

In 2011, Dr. Michel Johnson was introduced to Ellery Robichaud through a curling centre member. Dr Johnson was interested in continuing research into high performance and youth standings that he had begun during his time in Thunder Bay. His knowledge of how children learn and youth development led to his participation in the CCE’s (Centre of Curling Excellence, the NBCA training centre) summer curling camps. The appreciation of Fundamental Movement Skills and Teaching Games for Understanding he engendered prompted refinement of the methods used to teach curling to youth resulting in substantial growth in the camps over the years.