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Due to continued restrictions under COVID-19, the CCE has not scheduled any summer camps for 2021. Should conditions change, we will update this information.

Centre of Curling Excellence (Moncton) Well Worth the Trip

This is our third trip to the Centre for Curling Excellence (CCE) in Moncton, New Brunswick. It is a year-round training facility for the sport of curling, providing programs, clinics, and curling camps for all levels of curling that focus on improving our athletes and coaches.
Our first two visits were to Developmental Clinics. This summer we attended the Advanced Clinic. It was a week long (8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) with in-class and on-ice sessions. Most of the time was spent “tweaking” our deliveries and talking strategy. We had in-class sessions on sports psychology, nutrition, and two kinesiologists spoke about fitness and training specifically geared to curling. Olympic medalist Cheryl Bernard was one of the celebrity coaches for this clinic. She delivered two sessions— mental resilience and team building.
The other celebrity coach was Russ Howard. Last year it was Emma Miskew and Jennifer Jones. And before that it was Mary-Anne Arseneault and Grant Odishaw. Some of the regular coaches include Rick Perron, Ellery Robichaud, Felipe Marin and John Larsen. The facilitator is Brian Rice.
The Advanced Clinic was comprised mainly of competitive youth curlers (about 66%); the remainder were adults, some of whom were competitive but others, like ourselves, who just wanted to improve their play. There were many repeat participants—for one couple it was their fifth clinic.
Curlers from Miami, New York, Michigan, British Columbia, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and all the Maritime provinces were represented at the clinic.
It was a lot of fun but also a lot of hard physical
work. Each day we did about 100 slides. Even though we did the recommended physical preparation in the months prior, it was achy muscle time for the first two days or so.
Cheryl and Russ showed us their Olympic medals. An interesting tidbit about Cheryl’s medal is that medalists were given a scarf and all the medals won were imprinted with a portion of the design on the scarf. She said it was neat when the medalists got together; they all fitted their medals onto the scarf in the area which matched the design on their medals. It is amazing how heavy the Olympic medals actually are!
We would highly recommend these Clinics. For more information visit the CCE website at: