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Little Rocks & Physical Literacy

Miramichi Curling Club
21 Cove Rd
Miramichi, NB

March 23, 2017

To Whom It May Concern:

The Miramichi Curling Club was involved with the initiation of the Fundamental Movement Skills program over March 3 and 4.
Rick Perron and Ellery Robichaud came to our club and gave us an overview of the fundamental movement skills program and helped us provide the program to some of our little rock curlers.
As instructors, we were very impressed with the overall program. Rick and Ellery were very comfortable relaying the information about the program to us and we felt the program is something worth initiating in our own little rocks program. Sometimes we struggle to help our curlers to learn balance and coordination on the ice but with this program the kids are not scared to try the games and don’t even realize that they are learning balance and agility. We also feel that the kids will progress quicker on the ice if they take part in the off-ice games.

The Rocking-the-House School Curling program really interests us. The tips that Rick and Ellery gave us for presenting the Rocking-the-House program to school children was very helpful. We hope to find a member from our club to approach the school district and give the program to as many kids as possible next year.

Overall, we were very pleased with all aspects of the program. The new fundamental movement skills games are great learning tools and are so easy they can be organized and run by anyone who wants to volunteer. We struggle to get enough qualified individuals to be on the ice with the kids but these games have a simplicity to them that allows them to be run by anyone. The Miramichi Curling Club will be implementing this new program with our little rock curlers during the next curling season.


Shawn Ingersoll
Miramichi Curling Club