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Due to continued restrictions under COVID-19, the CCE has not scheduled any summer camps for 2021. Should conditions change, we will update this information.

Mike Marcolini – Elora, ON

Kelsea was one of your students at the Moncton camp. The experience was truly great. 2 days of recaps on the drive back to Ontario would be the clue. Other than the heat in the rooms, and the odd meal, there were no complaints from her. A fan that I was able to buy made the heat bearable anyways. From a parents standpoint Rick, I must say my wife and I were totally satisfied. We actually got to the club and the school on Saturday, just to ease nerves. Arriving at the school, we were welcomed and the security guard actually showed Kelsea and I to her room. She saw everything, and her name on the envelope was spelled correctly, which rarely happens. Obviously great communication with the school. Arriving at the club on Saturday, we met many people, and were assured parents were welcome to drop by. At drop off on Sunday, we were greeted by a smiling Andrew. I was encouraged to see her in. She met her roommates, and I left her feeling extremely confident about her safety and the whole program. She really enjoyed all the off ice activities, and helped her to get to know the kids. But from my standpoint Rick, I can tell that you made an impression with the on, and off ice instruction. I love the fact that you keyed on nutrition and off ice training. I talk to her all the time about a stronger athlete being a better athlete, and diet is a huge part of our lifestyle. She loved the banquet, and also took many pages of notes during the umpires talk. The on ice was really educational. So much teaching, that she can bring back to her club team. She is already talking about going back next year, and moving up a level if your group would see fit to have her.